Vinexpo 2015 Roundup

Vinexpo Bordeaux, the international wine and spirits event held in odd-numbered years brings the season of celebrations and festivities to the otherwise dull and quiet trade city of France. As Bordeaux is also the country’s wine capital, the event kind of invigorates the city. I have attended three editions of Vinexpo Bordeaux in the past and... Continue Reading →

Wine Sommeliers & Professionals Meet at Sofitel Mumbai BKC

Sofitel Mumbai BKC and the brand consultancy firm Flipsydee recently organized the 1st Wine Sommeliers and Professionals Meet. The event curated and conducted by sommelier Sagar Nath was an interesting informal affair where wine writers and hospitality professionals mingled and tasted wines from the portfolio of Flipsydee. “Sofitel intends to conduct more such tasting sessions for... Continue Reading →

7 Kinds of Tasters you meet at a Tasting

“All through the nineties I met people. Crowds of people. Met and met and met, until it seemed that people were born and hastily grew up, just to be met”. – Carolyn Wells, American Author and poet There is something about social gatherings. Not everyone can claim to have mastery over the art of surviving... Continue Reading →

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