Better with a Pop- The Grand Cork Experiment

The debate between natural cork and screwcaps is an on-going one. But here's a little insight into an interesting experiment which was conducted on a group of 140 wine drinkers who volunteered to find out more.  The Grand Cork Experiment, designed by Professor Charles Spence, of Oxford University, confirms the sensory benefits of cork-sealed wines.... Continue Reading →

Our/Vodka By You!

What if you are given a chance to infuse your own vodka? What if you get to decide the flavour of your vodka? A super premium global vodka brand that is created locally by partnering with the local people in 5 cities (as of now) is now available in India. Our/Vodka, as the name suggests, believes in the local power and in supporting the neighbourhood. Which makes us hopeful, that maybe someday, we will have a variant of Our/Vodka by Our/Mumbai. 

Remy Cointreau Starts 2nd Innings In India: Celebrates the 314th Anniversary of Mount Gay Rum

    The three-century-old rum brand, Mount Gay Rum from Barbados celebrated its 314th anniversary recently. The rum born in 1703 in the Caribbean island Barbados was originally called “Kill-Devil” by the Barbadians who first distilled it. The abundance of molasses combined with the culinary ingenuity of early settlers and, of course, their legendary thirst... Continue Reading →

Soju Dominates the Real 100 list of IWSR

Three soju brands (Jinro, Chum Churum and Good Day) feature in the top 10 in this year’s IWSR Real 100. Hite-Jinro’s namesake soju brand Jinro remains the number one spirits brand in the world, with consumption increasing by an additional 425,000 cases in 2015 and total volumes surpassing 65m cases states the recently released IWSR report. Jinro, which sells predominantly in South Korea,... Continue Reading →

Indian Grape Brandy JANUS Wins International Spirits Challenge 2016

The Indian grape brandy JANUS from Sula vineyards has won a bronze medal in the tasting category at the recently concluded prestigious International Spirits Challenge 2016. The product launched in 2015 is India's first brandy made of 100% premium grape spirit. “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious recognition,” said Rajeev Samant, CEO, Sula Vineyards. “This acknowledgement further... Continue Reading →

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