The rising cocktail culture in India has opened doors to many international mixers, bitters, and brands in the aperitif drinks category. The increasing popularity of low-alcohol, aromatized drinks using herbs and spices, etc. has expanded the market for such drinks even further. Understanding this trend, Morgan Beverages, one of the prominent importers of ciders, German... Continue Reading →

Our/Vodka By You!

What if you are given a chance to infuse your own vodka? What if you get to decide the flavour of your vodka? A super premium global vodka brand that is created locally by partnering with the local people in 5 cities (as of now) is now available in India. Our/Vodka, as the name suggests, believes in the local power and in supporting the neighbourhood.

Which makes us hopeful, that maybe someday, we will have a variant of Our/Vodka by Our/Mumbai. 

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