Visiting Cognac city in France is like taking a trip down history lane. With famous cognac houses tucked right next to each other the city provides a perfect set up for connoisseurs to indulge in this liquid gold. As we drove past neatly manicured vineyards in the outskirts of Cognac I was looking forward to a day at Maison Hennessy with Ambassador, Fabien Levieux and Head of Distilleries & Tasting Committee member Olivier Paultes.

The Oriya Palate

To understand Oriya cuisine better, you have to understand its geography. In my context, all three cities that I spent 20 years of my life have some influence from the neighbouring states. Andhra Pradesh influences southern Orissa; Chhattisgarh has significant influence on several dishes prepared in a Sambulpur household or vice versa and the food from Cuttack certainly has similarities with Bengali cuisine. After all, until 1936, Bihar, Orissa and West Bengal were one state.

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Episode 1

Listen to our lates episode now: The Drinks & Destinations Podcast is an extension of the venture Drinks & Destinations founded by Rojita Tiwari. The weekly podcast is co-produced by India's largest podcasting network IVM and hosted by Rojita and Sameera. Episode 1 of The Drinks & Destinations Podcast is your introduction to the world... Continue Reading →

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