Riedel launches ‘Super-Light Collection’


The glass that holds your favourite drink is as important as the drink itself. No one understands it better than the Austria based leading global glassware manufacturer Riedel. The company just added a new grape-varietal specific collection to Riedel portfolio called ”Superleggero”.

Defined by its supremely lightweight, ultrathin crystal, the Superleggero Series is considered as RIEDEL’s latest groundbreaking innovation in the design of varietal-specific stemware. This collection will join RIEDEL’s elite collection of mouth-blown varietal-specific wine glassware, first introduced to the world in 1958 by 9th generation Claus J Riedel with the Sommeliers Series. The Superleggero Series marks the next step in handcrafted wine glassware, spearheaded by 11th-generation glassmaker and RIEDEL Crystal President & CEO Maximilian Riedel.

Made of crystal glass of unsurpassed thinness and lightness that is hand formed and mouth-blown by RIEDEL’s master glassblowers, the Superleggero Series’ ultra-light design requires extreme skill to produce. Its slender silhouetted design is accented by the thinnest and most strikingly slim stem in RIEDEL glassware history. Each glass in the series is also taller than its Sommeliers Series predecessor. The Superleggero Series offers durability and is fully dishwasher safe, despite its boundary-pushing thinness. And, for the first time in RIEDEL history, the base of each glass will be inscribed with the series name, Superleggero, beside the RIEDEL trademark.

“Drawing on 60 years of wine experience and expertise, I designed the new RIEDEL Superleggero Series to offer the luxury of handmade glassware with superior lightness and elegance,” comments Maximilian Riedel. “As a family, we strive constantly to push boundaries and provide consumers with the most innovative wine tools that offer the most enjoyable wine experience. We are thrilled to have mastered the design of a glass that conveys a wine’s message in the clearest way with the Superleggero Series.”

The glassware series also includes RIEDEL’s two newest designs, the Champagne Wine Glass, which features a larger bowl shape than a flute and a narrower rim than a coupe for the enjoyment of the entire spectrum of Champagne flavors, and the Moscato/Cocktail glass, an elegant coupe-shaped glass made for non-Champagne sparkling wines and mixed cocktails. These two new designs join eight of RIEDEL’s signature varietal-specific shapes, with glasses for Bordeaux Grand Cru, Burgundy Grand Cru, Loire, Oaked Chardonnay, Champagne Flute, Hermitage/Shiraz, Viognier/Chardonnay and Riesling/Zinfandel. Combining the best of RIEDEL’s glassware designs with the most up-to-date innovations in mouth-blown craftsmanship.

The series will be sold via http://www.riedel.com and through RIEDEL’s extensive retail network at $139 for a single glass.

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