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Negroni Week’17 Partners With The Drinks & Destinations Podcast

Negroni Week is an initiative by Campari and Imbibe magazine which aims to celebrate one of the world’s great cocktails and in the process raising money for charitable causes around the world. The concept introduced in India in 2015 has gained immense popularity since then. Aspri Spirits, the importer of Campari, the Italian bitter, herbal, … Continue reading

A Brief History Of Rum In India

 As I stepped out of the airport in Mauritius and began my journey towards the main island all I could see around was long stretches of sugar cane fields with occasional sightings of a few Indian men and women who looked right out of a Bollywood movie from the 60’s. I got curious and asked … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep.18: Experience of Buying Liquor in India

Listen to the episode here.   The experience of buying liquor in India is the most distinctive one, especially for women. While in most parts of the country alcohol is still considered a taboo, the big cities and metros have seen a huge change in the retail format. One of the leading liquor retailers in … Continue reading

India Wine Insider Highlights Top 10 Trends In Wine In India

India Wine Insider 2017, the first-ever survey of the urban Indian wine consumers shows some interesting trends in the market. The recently released report which took into account around 900 samples from five top cities of India highlights a significant consumer interest in wine as a category and need for extensive promotion of the wine … Continue reading

Remy Cointreau Starts 2nd Innings In India: Celebrates the 314th Anniversary of Mount Gay Rum

    The three-century-old rum brand, Mount Gay Rum from Barbados celebrated its 314th anniversary recently. The rum born in 1703 in the Caribbean island Barbados was originally called “Kill-Devil” by the Barbadians who first distilled it. The abundance of molasses combined with the culinary ingenuity of early settlers and, of course, their legendary thirst … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep. 10: On The Wine Trail in India

Listen to the podcast here.   Only a few decades ago India had its first winery and of course, back then wine tourism was a concept unheard of and unknown to many. But a lot has changed since then. Companies like Sula Vineyards, Soma Vine Village, YORK Winery, Fratelli Vineyards, Grover Zampa Wines, Chandon, Soma … Continue reading

Ten Wines To Buy In 2017

The ever-expanding Indian wine market with double-digit growth has given hope to many Indian and International wine companies to explore further opportunities. Despite heavy duties, taxes and other roadblocks, the potential consumer base is what keeps luring companies to introduce new wine brands in the market every year. Here’s a list of wines available in … Continue reading

The Year of The Wild Tiger

It’s been a year-long journey for Gautom Menon’s rum brand Wild Tiger Rum since it first hit shelves abroad. Drinks & Destinations decides to catch up with the man behind India’s first premium rum ‘Wild Tiger’ and find out more. Are you happy with the journey of Wild Tiger so far? The first year has … Continue reading

Asian Wine & Spirits Conference and Competition –the Silk route: Revival of the ancient trade passage

The recently concluded 1st Asian Wine & Spirits Conference and Competition- the Silk route (10-12 October 2016) at Fangshan District, Beijing, China was attended by internationally renowned wine and spirits experts, judges and producers from around the world. While the conference covered an array of topics concerning the Asian region, the competition received entries from … Continue reading

Soma Vineyard Resort – The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

Located just 12 km away from Nashik city in Maharashtra, Soma Vineyard Resort offers one of the best views of the backwaters of Gangapur Dam and the scenic Sahyadri mountain range. For a nature lover, wine enthusiast or a regular traveler, the resort serves as a great weekend getaway. The turn from the main road … Continue reading

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