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Novotel Goa Resort & Spa – The Best Monsoon Getaway

As I packed my bags for a trip to Goa during this monsoon season, I wondered why this popular beach destination never featured in my monsoon getaway list before. However, experiencing Goa’s natural green environment during monsoon was breathtaking. We picked the Novotel Goa Resort & Spa in Candolim for the weekend stay and returned extremely pleased with our experience. Continue reading

Wine Explorers – How To Embark On The World’s Best Road Trip!

Some stories have so much passion, adventure, and enthusiasm that you ought to share them with the world. You never know whom it may inspire. This is the story of Jean-Baptiste Ancelot, who at the age of 28 decided to leave his hometown in the north of France to explore the wine world. He drew … Continue reading

Top Wine Festivals to Visit Once

If you want to spend your vacations differently and get a new, unique breath of your relaxation time then we recommend you to choose a destination that takes you to one of the best international wine festivals, if you are a wine lover, of course, and can feel and appreciate the real taste of a … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep.20: Why You Need To Travel To Portugal This Year

Portugal is one of the oldest geographically demarcated countries and the 5th most peaceful country in the world. It has given us the word ‘TEA’ and wines like ‘PORT’ and ‘VINHO VERDE’. Portugal is also the sunshine country of Europe with endless places to explore. The food and drinks, the nightlife, the special day celebrating … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep. 17: Upcoming Food & Drinks Trends and Destination South East Asia

Listen to the episode here. This episode of The Drinks & Destinations Podcast is about the latest food trends in India, the favourite destinations for food and drinks and a very special insight into the travel scene in South East Asia. If you have plans of visiting Vietnam or Cambodia in the coming days, this … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep. 10: On The Wine Trail in India

Listen to the podcast here.   Only a few decades ago India had its first winery and of course, back then wine tourism was a concept unheard of and unknown to many. But a lot has changed since then. Companies like Sula Vineyards, Soma Vine Village, YORK Winery, Fratelli Vineyards, Grover Zampa Wines, Chandon, Soma … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep 6-Exploring Wine Routes Of Greece

Listen to the episode here Sun, sand and the land of gods, Greece is truly a destination, the diversity of which is hard to describe in words. Host Rojita Tiwari was recently in Greece to explore the wine route. In this episode of The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Rojita and Sameera talk about the breathtaking … Continue reading

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep 2: Visit Tuscany, Italy

Listen to the podcast here. The first travel special episode of The Drinks & Destinations podcast is about the idyllic picturesque Italian region, Tuscany. Food, wine, handcrafted and bespoke design shops, the culture and of course the breathtaking views.The hosts Rojita & Sameera will take you on a memorable journey to one of the most … Continue reading

Soma Vineyard Resort – The Ultimate Weekend Getaway

Located just 12 km away from Nashik city in Maharashtra, Soma Vineyard Resort offers one of the best views of the backwaters of Gangapur Dam and the scenic Sahyadri mountain range. For a nature lover, wine enthusiast or a regular traveler, the resort serves as a great weekend getaway. The turn from the main road … Continue reading

A Trip To Four Seasons Winery & The Launch Of The Vintner’s Reserve

A french style chateau, acres of vineyards surrounding it, bike riding and the chance of embarking on a nature trail, the home of Four Seasons Wines is all that and much more. Located in the village of Roti, just a little over an hour drive from the city of Pune, in the district of Baramati, Maharashtra, … Continue reading

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