Top Wine Festivals to Visit Once

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If you want to spend your vacations differently and get a new, unique breath of your relaxation time then we recommend you to choose a destination that takes you to one of the best international wine festivals, if you are a wine lover, of course, and can feel and appreciate the real taste of a good wine. What else can leave you more satisfied with your trip and full of happy emotions than a long tasting of a variety of different wines from a wide range of winemaking companies!

Other than that at wine festivals, you can take part in a great variety of festivities.  Depending on the country you are in you will find out a lot about its customs and traditions and for a moment be able to be an integral part of it. And last but not least you will make new international friends.

For all the wine lovers of the world who can’t decide which wine festival to choose among the great amount of them, we are here to help you! We have singled the top 5 of the world’s most famous, interesting and unique international wine festivals that are surely worth a visit.

Here we go!

  1. Colchagua Wine Festival, Chile

Get off the beaten track and choose the best wine festival in Chile. Colchagua wine festival takes place every year around March and April in Chile. All wine-producing towns organize wine festivals around the country thus getting the attention of both locals and tourists. For a complete experience it is advised to visit Colchagua Valley after which the festival is named.

However, the center of the festival is considered to be the main plaza of Santa Cruz. Here you will not only be able to taste the best wine but also see demonstrations of traditional games and music by the locals. One of the most entertaining events during the festival is the Grape Harvest Queen contest. Don’t forget to tour around the wine cellars of the region as this is a great chance to directly learn about the making and production of Chilean best wines.

  1. Boston Wine Expo, USA

Boston Wine Expo is considered to be the largest wine festival in America. It comes with 1800 different wine tastings from over 300 international wineries. You can also attend wine tasting seminars in order to expand your knowledge and understanding of the best wines. One of such seminars is called “Everything You Need to Know about Wine” – sounds exactly what a wine lover would like to attend, right?

Among all other festivities, you can be present at the Grand Tasting during which celebrity chefs prepare and share meals, such as drunken shrimp and many other well-known dishes. And eventually, as a true wine lover you should attend the so called winemaker meet-and-greet where you can show your appreciation to the creators of your favourite wines as well as try to get some secrets about winemaking from them.

  1. Haro Wine Festival, Spain

Spain is one of the countries associated with the best wine and numerous fun and interesting festivities. Where else to spend active and entertaining vacations if not in Spain surrounded by passionate Spanish people, dances and concerts.

Haro wine festival takes place in Rioja and starts early in the morning, more precisely you need to wake up at 7 a.m. to experience the festival to its fullest. The festive morning starts with the mayor leading a huge parade consisting of hundreds of people all of whom carry jugs filled with wine. Don’t forget to dress in white. After a ceremonial and official mass, the wine gets thrown, poured, spilled and sprayed until every single person’s white dress has become purple or red. In the afternoon the “wine war” ends and you can start the peaceful tasting of wines – the core of every wine festival. As the sun sets more wine appears and there is also a ceremonial bullfight carried out by young men who want to show off their skills. All this crazy wine “throwing” and drinking is compensated for by the beautiful and peaceful scenery of La Rioja.

  1. Bordeaux Fête le Vin, France

Well, another country associated with the best wines of the world is, by no doubt, France. The Bordeaux Fête le Vin is a prominent French wine festival that is known for its 2-kilometer “Wine Road” running along the Garonne river. Here you can taste the best wines made in the most famous wineries from the region. During the festival lots of wine workshops, outdoor reading rooms and concerts are organized as well.

The festival is carried out every two years in June. Don’t miss the chance of enjoying the romantic French environment with a glass of good wine!

  1. Grape Harvest Festival, Argentina

Another unique place where the enjoyment of wine can be mixed with the exotic and beautiful culture of Argentina. The motherland of tango invites all wine lovers to its Grape Harvest Festival to enjoy the best wines and simply have a nice time. The festival is carried out in Mendoza which is considered to be the country’s well-known wine producing region. The festival has a 75-year history already and boasts a great popularity among locals and foreigners.

You can take part in wine tastings that are held in vineyards as well as be a part of the festive parades and parties. The festival begins with the crowning of a festival queen after which the organizers of the festival manage the mass prayer meant for invoking the patron saint of vineyards.

This Argentine wine festival is held in March and lasts for about a week. The closing ceremony is very interesting too – a pageant is held in a Greek-style amphitheater where actors and dancers show the story of the annual grape harvest.

All these wine festivals are surely worth a visit, especially for wine lovers. You’ll enjoy each of them differently – the best wines of the world and the experience of new cultures – what else does a wine lover need for a perfect vacation?

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