Amrut Distilleries’ Amrut Naarangi orange-flavoured whisky

Amrut Distilleries’ Amrut Naarangi


Category – Spirits, whisky, single malt, flavoured, 50% abv

Available – From next week

Location – Europe, Asia Pacific and Canada

Price – In UK, SRP of GBP75 (US$110) per 70cl bottle

Distributor – In UK, Speciality Drinks. In Europe, La Maison Du Whisky

Amrut Distilleries has launched what it claims is the world’s first single malt whisky that carries orange notes. Amrut Naarangi takes its name from the Hindi translation for ‘orange’.

The first batch of 900 bottles has shipped to markets in Europe, Asia Pacific and Canada. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that this flavoured expression follows EU guidelines, meaning it can include the word ‘whisky’ in its name. The single malt whisky has been matured for three years in Oloroso Sherry casks that had previously held wine mixed with orange peel for three years prior.

Amrut at present bottles around 18 expressions of single malts, which are sold in 40 countries.

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