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Whose Whisky Is It Anyway?

The second edition of the World Whiskies Conference held in Glasgow in April 2008 was a special one. It marked a significant moment in the history of the global liquor industry as the heads of world’s two leading spirits companies came face to face. Paul Walsh, former Diageo and Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) Chief and … Continue reading

Vinexpo 2015 Roundup

Vinexpo Bordeaux, the international wine and spirits event held in odd-numbered years brings the season of celebrations and festivities to the otherwise dull and quiet trade city of France. As Bordeaux is also the country’s wine capital, the event kind of invigorates the city. I have attended three editions of Vinexpo Bordeaux in the past and … Continue reading

Frozen Cocktails at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai

Monsoon has just hit Mumbai coast but there are still ways to bid adieu to the summer. AER bar & lounge at Hotel Four Seasons is celebrating a specially curated frozen cocktails menu this month. These five special cocktails curated by the AER-Bar & Lounge Mixologist, Varun Sudhakar are delightful. Here are the names and the … Continue reading

Aqaba With WOW Tables Celebrates Craft Beer Festival

It is exciting times for the craft beer industry as more and more beer drinkers are opting to drink freshly brewed local affordable beers and not the expensive imported ones. Thanks to a handful of craft beer producers and some forward thinking resto-bars and pubs in Mumbai, it has now become easy to grab a … Continue reading

Decline of local spirits leads to global decline says IWSR

According to a recently released IWSR report, the global spirits market declined -0.1% in 2014, a loss of 3.1m nine-litre cases. While consumption of local spirits in Asia-Pacific and Africa & Middle East remind in growth, local spirits declined -7.4m cases globally. Imported spirits grew 4.3m cases, though not enough to offset the global decline. … Continue reading

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