Gateway Brewing Co.’s Nitro ‘Kaapi’ Stout


The craft beer producer and supplier Gateway Brewing Company has just introduced a new Nitro stout called ‘Kaapi’ in the Mumbai market to celebrate its 2nd anniversary.

‘Kaapi’ a reference to the drink ‘coffee’ is truly a tribute to the coffee fans. Made from ingredients, 100% sourced from India, including the Blue Tokai Coffee which is sourced from Coorg, Karnataka, this is also the first nitrogen based stout coming from GBC’s portfolio.

Speaking to Drinks & Destinations, Rahul Mehra, co-founder and brewer, GBC said, “We always have two regular beers on tap and the third one is on rotation depending on the season, however, the increasing demand for our craft beers have forced us to make this the fourth one”.

Besides Kaapi Stout, White Zen, Doppelganger and the recently launched IPA A1 is on tap in most of the resto bars across the city at the moment.

This is also the first time that GBC has collaborated with home-brewer Pratik @brewunlimited who has contributed in creating ‘Kaapi’ filled with coffee flavours balanced by the sweetness of the barley malt.


Homebrewer Pratik with a glass of ‘Kaapi’


Speaking about the speciality of nitro stouts, Pratik explains,”Nitrogen adds complexity to any regular beer. It is a reference to the type of gas used during the carbonation process which makes the beer creamier and mouthfeel in texture as against carbon dioxide which makes it more lively and bubbly”. A nitro beer typically has 70% nitrogen and 30% carbon dioxide.

This is definitely a unique beer and a must try for the stout fans. One small advice, pair it with dark chocolate and see the magic. Kaapi most certainly can help you forget Guinness, well, at least for a while. As ‘Kaapi’ is a limited release, it is only available in 500ml glasses until stocks last. So hurry up!


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