The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Episode 1


Listen to our lates episode now:

The Drinks & Destinations Podcast is an extension of the venture Drinks & Destinations founded by Rojita Tiwari. The weekly podcast is co-produced by India’s largest podcasting network IVM and hosted by Rojita and Sameera.

Episode 1 of The Drinks & Destinations Podcast is your introduction to the world of fine wine and travel and what you can look forward to in the future of this show. On today’s episode hosts, Rojita & Sameera take you through how to taste a glass of wine and easy ways to pair it with food. Our first guest is Cecilia Oldne, Global Brand Ambassador of Sula Vineyards. She shares her journey in India, market evolutions, Sula fest and her long tenure with India’s leading wine company.

The podcast is also available on iTunes , Sound Cloud, and podcast apps on android phones.

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