The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep 5 Pairing wines & spirits with Food, Movies & TV series


Listen to the episode here

This episode of the Drinks & Destinations Podcast is about looking beyond the basic pairing of wine and spirits with food. While mixologist and spirits expert Shatbhi Basu shares her tips on pairing whisky, vodka, rum and feni with food in the Pair it up section, the hosts Rojita & Sameera discuss a very interesting and unique book called Vinos Con Cuento written by Eduardo Brethauer, a wine and spirits journalist based in Santiago, Chile. Rojita met Eduardo recently during an event in China and he spoke to her in detail about the uniqueness of his book which talks about pairing wines with movies and popular TV series. Something unique, something unheard of. Do listen to all that and more in this special “pairing” episode.

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