German Organic Wine Pfaffmann now available in Gurgaon

Weingut Heinz Pfaffmann, the organic and vegan German wine made foray into the Indian market in the beginning of this year through the wine and spirits importing company Flipsydee Brand Llp. While it has already been listed in all major hotels and restaurants across Mumbai and Pune, recently the wines were introduced in Gurgaon.


Occasion was the launch of a new outlet of the famous Italian restaurant chain Caffe Tonino in Gurgaon which also coincided with the visit of the owners of the Pfaffmann wines, 18th generation of the family producing the wines, Pawel Hener and his wife Kanupriya Anand Hener. The specially curated Italian food menu paired with the German Gewürztraminer, Riesling and Pinot Noir wines from Pfaffmann’s portfolio was the highlight of the evening. In Gurgaon the wines are avaialble at Rs 2400 in hotels, restaurants and selective retail outlets and are also available in 5ltr kegs.

To read more about the pffaman wine click on the link here.

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