Our/Vodka By You!


What if you are given a chance to infuse your own vodka? What if you get to decide the flavour of your vodka? A super premium global vodka brand that is created locally by partnering with people in 5 cities (as of now) is now available in India. Our/Vodka, as the name suggests, believes in the local power and in supporting the neighbourhood.

Which makes us hopeful, that maybe someday, we will have a variant of Our/Vodka by Our/Mumbai. 

A group of Mumbai based media and trade professionals had a go at creating their own infusions for the vodka during the masterclass conducted by Thurman Wise, the mixologist and Brand Educator of Our/Vodka, recently.

The vodka packaged in a small 350ml crown-capped bottle is produced in micro-distilleries in cities such as London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Detroit and Los Angeles at the moment. It is the brainchild of six entrepreneurs based in Stockholm/Sweden 2011. The Co-Founder and CEO Åsa Caap got the idea of creating a global brand with local roots. Kalle, Mattias, Ted, Ola, and Mårten, who worked at the Swedish agency Great Works, also got excited and they all started working on creating Our/Vodka.

Watch the video of Thurman Wise talking about the creation of Our/Vodka here. 

It was treated as a black ops project under the umbrella of Pernod Ricard. The team worked on it off-hours and from their homes for 2 years before it was approved to be piloted in Berlin. The first micro-distillery was built in Berlin for Our/Berlin. Since then the team has been busy rolling out Our /Vodka globally.

Thurman Wise at his masterclass explained, “the vodka is partly distilled, blended and hand bottled in urban micro-distilleries with locally sourced ingredients, using a global recipe. The local entrepreneurs have their own take on our/vodka and give it the city’s name, personality, and expression”.

While in Mumbai, he took a trip to the local spice market and collected some herbs and spices which were used to create several infusions. The guests at the event chose their preferred variant out of the 3 Our/Vodka (Our/London, Our/Amsterdam, and Our/Berlin) expressions and picked the spices and herbs to create the personalised infusions. What’s the difference between these vodka variants? Wise elaborated, “Our/London has a base of English wheat and tasting notes of pepper, warm spice and floral. Whereas Our/Amsterdam is made from the wheat that comes from northern France and has citrus, floral notes with natural sweetness”.

However, the favourite one of the evening was Our/Berlin made with German wheat sourced from Munsterland. It is buttery, smooth and creamy. Our infusion for Our/Berlin was a mix of grapefruit zest, mace, one long pepper, angelica root and just some cardamom. The creamy and buttery texture of Our/Berlin was very well complimented by this infusion.

Watch the video of how the vodka infusion is done by using a Siphon (vacuum coffee brewer). 


Our/ Vodka is imported by Aspri Spirits in India and priced at Rs 3,600 for the 350 ml bottle.


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