The rising cocktail culture in India has opened doors to many international mixers, bitters, and brands in the aperitif drinks category. The increasing popularity of low-alcohol, aromatized drinks using herbs and spices, etc. has expanded the market for such drinks even further. Understanding this trend, Morgan Beverages, one of the prominent importers of ciders, German beer, Italian wines, and specialized spirits has recently launched La Madre, a premium chic vermouth from Spain. 

La Madre Vermouth is a one-man project by Josep Maria Castillo and a new entrant in the vermouth market in Spain. Josep used to work as an oenologist in various wine domains in Terra Alta, Spain. 

What makes La Madre special is the unique selection of botanicals. La Madre is made from 32 botanicals, with 22 being native to the region of Tarragona in Spain. The vermouth is produced by the process of a long period of maceration with aromatic herbs in ceramic amphora after which the “MOTHER” essence of the vermouth is obtained. It is then aged for 6 months in barrels to enhance aromas. The essence is carefully assembled with selected wines thus obtaining the special La Madre vermouth. 

The 3 variants of La Madre imported to India and now available in Mumbai and Pune are – La Madre White, Rose, and Red. 

La Madre White is macerated with green apples in addition to the botanicals. Which makes it delicious vermouth with delicate notes of herbs, licorice, citrus with a finish of apple smoothness and hints of bitter roots. Perfect to drink it with soda, tonic, just with ice and a slice of orange, or make some delicious cocktails that even a non-vermouth drinker can’t resist. 

La Madre Red is made with all-natural flavours, white Granache, Macabeo grapes, 32 botanicals. On the nose, it depicts powerful aromas of sweet spices such as cinnamon, off-dry taste on the palate with a slightly acidic finish. Overall has a taste of fresh grapes, cardamom, hint of dried berries, some bitterness from the herbs. Interesting vermouth for many of the cocktails using Indian flavours. 

La Madre Rose derives its colour and flavour through maceration with strawberries along with the botanicals. It has a bright pink colour with subtle notes of red berries, intense aromas of strawberries, citrus peel, sweet cane, and cinnamon with a complex and velvety texture on the palate. Enjoy it in a perfect beach cocktail or just with some ice and citrus garnish. 

The vermouths are priced at Rs 3800 (white), Rs 2900 (Red), and Rs 3600 (Rose). 

This innovative, youthful, and refreshing vermouth brand is bound to lead the ever-evolving cocktail space in India. 

(Did you know that vermouth is a basic ingredient for cocktails such as Negroni, Martini, Americano, Manhattan, and Rob Roy?)

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