Vinexpo 2019 – Act for change

A symposium on climate change and impact on the world’s vineyards marked the 20th edition of Vinexpo that was held in Bordeaux from 13-16 May 2019, reports the Bordeaux based wine professional Brinda Bourhis for Drinks & Destinations.  The topic is constantly in the news; just a week before the opening of Vinexpo, we saw... Continue Reading →

Vinexpo 2015 Roundup

Vinexpo Bordeaux, the international wine and spirits event held in odd-numbered years brings the season of celebrations and festivities to the otherwise dull and quiet trade city of France. As Bordeaux is also the country’s wine capital, the event kind of invigorates the city. I have attended three editions of Vinexpo Bordeaux in the past and... Continue Reading →

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