Liquor Facts : Maharashtra

State Excise figures for 2013-2014

Consumption in figures
In 2013-14, IMFL consumption rose by 7.84% to end at 1,615.06 lakh bulk litres (BL) in 2013-14 vs 1,497.62 lakh BL in 2012-13. The sales of beer have however headed south at just 2,986.09 lakh BL in 2013-14 down from 3,169.34 lakh BL in the previous fiscal (-5.78%). Country liquor (CL) too fell to 3,210.97 lakh BL from 3382.99 lakh BL (-5.08%). Wine consumption rose by 9.71% to end at 50.56 lakh BL from the previous 46.08 lakh BL.

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