Wine Park enters domestic wine market with The Daily Dose


IMG_4764 IMG_4767

The wine importing company Wine Park owned by Vishal Kadakia has entered the domestic wine market with the launch of a limited edition brand called The Daily Dose.

As the name suggests, The Daily Dose aims to be a solution to the needs of a daily wine drinker. The wine has a very interesting, unique and quirky label that resembles a hand-drawn graph of the red wine production process. The wine is made of 100 % cabernet sauvignon that comes from a small area of organic vineyards in Sholapur, Maharashtra.


The winemaker is Rajesh Rasal who was associated with pause wines and good earth winery in the past. The Daily Dose is produced in Oakwood Winery in Ahmednagar district and there are only 12,000 bottles of the 2015 vintage available in select restaurants and hotels this year. The winery has also been making wines for Myra and Soul Tree brands in the past. Speaking to D & D at the launch event Vishal Kadakia said, “I wanted to create a no-fuss, easy drinking wine which doesn’t intimidate people. It is a very simple drinkable wine priced at Rs750. The label will remain the same but we may go for a change in terms of blending or grape variety, the number of bottles etc. in the next vintage.” The Daily Dose is produced in stainless steel tank but has seen a bit of french oak as well. With 14% abv, this certainly is a good food wine.

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