Bordeaux Wine & Spirits Institute Collaborates With School from India

Pic Credit : Laurent Moujon

The Chamber of Commerce of Bordeaux recently celebrated the official launch of a new partnership between one of its schools specialised in Wine Education (Institut de Promotion Commerciale (IPC)) and Lotus Business School of Pune, India. 14 students from India are currently in Bordeaux where they began this one year course entitled Wine & Spirit Business Management Certificate which they actually started in February in Pune. The aim of this programme is to train Indian students who are eager to develop their skills in the wine industry – marketing, management, sales, web technologies and tasting. Yann Chaigne, Head of Education at IPC Bordeaux was involved in compiling the programme. Following the theoretical sessions, the students will finish the course with a 3 to 6-month internship either in France or abroad. One of the supporters of this initiative, the Conseil des Grands Crus Classés 1855 said during the opening ceremony that it was wonderful to see such motivated students who will surely contribute to the expansion of the Indian wine market. Certain students began their career in other fields such as banking or commerce. One of them explained to Brinda Bourhis, Founder of the Bordeaux-based firm Winevox, “Even if the consumption of wine in India is still tiny, there are more and more Indians interested in wine, and after this programme, my idea is to set up my own wine business in India”. Another added “I’d really love to stay on a bit longer in Bordeaux after the course, work for a wine merchant or chateau to get hands-on experience…and improve my French”!

This initiated by Lotus Business School & IPC Bordeaux, France is to meet the ever growing demand of professionals needed in the Wine Industry globally. It is a complete initiative to enrich through impeccable credentials and practical exposure to facilitate the requirements of the wine Industry.

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