Curbing That Hangover With Morning Fresh

Have you ever woken up with that feeling, wishing something’s were different? Like some evening plans that end up in binge drinking followed by unhealthy eating habits pushing you to that miserable self-assessment zone the next morning? Well, I am sure there’s a majority who has experienced that at least once in their lifetime. But thankfully there are many ways one can deal with hangovers.

Responsible drinking is one of the key things that every drinker must adhere to. I personally endorse that. Vodka, rum, gin, whisky, beer or wine, let’s not blame the alcohol. But if you are someone who likes to enjoy drinks every once in while, here is how you can avoid waking up with that ill feeling the morning after.

  • Drink a lot of water- It’s true. Drinking water in between those alcoholic drinks can really reduce the effect of alcohol in your system.
  • Don’t Mix your drinks- As tempting, it may be to take those vodka/tequila or Jager Shots while drinking something else, just stir clear of the friends who always encourage you to mix drinks.
  • Don’t drink on an empty stomach- Do yourself a favour and never ever drink on an empty stomach. Following this could help you curb the hangover in a major way.
  • Stay away from that smoke- You may not realize it but alcohol combined with smoking could be one of the major reasons why you end up in a miserable state the next morning.
  • The Morning After- If you didn’t follow any of the above and yet somehow managed to get out of the bed in the morning then here is what you need to do- drink water or coconut water, eat ginger, have a hearty breakfast and go back to sleep. That’s the best way to deal with a hangover the next morning.

Thankfully, the times have changed and there are many products available now to help you have a good time without thinking much about the morning after. One such drink is Morning Fresh.

How does it work?

Morning Fresh is a natural alcohol detox drink available in the market, which helps you reduce the hangover. All you have to do is make Morning Fresh your last drink of the night and you wake up feeling fresh, healthy and ready to start your day.

img_4606 img_4607

It rapidly breaks down blood alcohol and its toxic metabolite content in the system and helps reduce hangover effect. And contains zero fat and carbohydrates.

Alcohol Dehydrogenase (ADH), a liver enzyme, is suppressed when lots of alcohol is consumed. Morning fresh containing key amino acids from silk protein that help to reactivate ADH. Reactivation of ADH means the faster elimination of alcohol from the blood stream. An increase in the metabolism also means the generation of lots of free radicals. These free radicals effectively get scavenged by antioxidant amino acids, and natural antioxidants present in Morning fresh resulting in detoxification of the system.

This antioxidant action along with liver damage repairing amino acids present in Morning fresh also helps in rejuvenation of liver. The net result is a minimization of hangover effect caused by toxic metabolites and free radicals.

Morning Fresh is a unique formulation created by Sericare; A Division of Healthline Pvt Ltd; an established company that is pioneers in the field of sericulture and using silk as a biomaterial.

The easily portable bottle makes it convenient enough to carry around. Priced at Rs 125 for a 60 ml bottle, Morning Fresh is available in three flavours such as strawberry, mint, and cola.

Do try it out and let me know.

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