#FreshStarts in Ooty

Holidaying in a place 7000 ft. above sea level has a charm of its own. The sun playing hide and seek, the cold windy weather and mist reminiscing a perfect set-up of a suspense thriller movie, a fireplace in a quaint corner of a heritage hotel and, friends spending the night around the fireplace chatting up while indulging in one too many drinks. But what’s not really worthy of this experience is waking up to a smoggy sloppy groggy morning.

Well; thanks to Morning Fresh , my recent trip to Ooty turned out to be a real pleasant one. I discovered the product recently and decided to pack it in my suitcase before this trip. While most of the days were spent exploring the scenic surroundings and famous spots in Ooty, Wellington, and Connoor, the evenings were reserved for revelry.

Too much food, too many drinks, and endless story sessions. I don’t like to mix my drinks; so I stuck with wine, while my friends kind of went overboard with the experimentation. They also had to challenge the effect of Morning Fresh and wanted to see if it really does the magic! Rum, wine, and beer adventures continued and at the end of one such long night, I asked one of my friends to give the sacred drink a try. Before going off to bed he had a shot of the Morning Fresh cola and the next morning he was a changed person. Well, not exactly. He was the same fun, jovial bratty self but he most certainly could feel the difference. Morning Fresh made him comfortable. It helped him kick-start the day on a fresh note and he is a fan of the drink now.

Why does Morning Fresh work so well? Because it is a natural alcohol detox drink which rapidly breaks down blood alcohol and its toxic metabolite content in the system and helps reduce hangover effect. Another plus side, it contains zero fat and carbohydrates.

While my trip to Ooty sadly has come to an end, it gave #FreshStarts to a New Year, I have decided to hold on to Morning Fresh a bit longer. Maybe stretching it further to a few more months or years!

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