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The Drinks & Destinations Podcast Ep.12: Holiday Season Special Part 2 & Travels in 2017



Listen to the podcast here.

In this episode of The Drinks & Destinations Podcast host, Rojita chats with Mae (host of Maed in India podcast) about some of the destinations to visit in 2017. They also talk about New Year’s Eve parties and offer tips on how to survive house parties and avoid hangovers on the first day of the New Year. If you are planning to party hard this New Year’s Eve this should prepare you for a fun time ahead. Hit Play and listen to the episode here. You can also send your ideas and suggestions and queries on drinksanddestinations@gmail.com. Wish you all a very Happy New Year.


About Rojita Tiwari

Drinks & Destinations is all about news, views, podcast, and stories from the world of drinks, travel, and hospitality…served just the way you like it. Rojita Tiwari is an independent writer, trainer, and consultant in the fields of wine & spirits, travel & hospitality. She is a WSET Level 3 certified professional and listed twice (2013 and 2015) as one of the TOP TEN WOMEN OF WINE IN INDIA by the Indian Wine Academy. With 14 years of experience of working for several publications including a decade-long experience of heading the editorial of a leading alco bev magazine, now she is mostly busy- tasting, traveling, writing, training and educating people about the wonderful world of wine & spirits. She also hosts India's first podcast on drinks and travel - The Drinks & Destinations Podcast. Tweet @rojitatiwari or connect with her on drinksanddestinations@gmail.com Cheers & Happy Reading!


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