Asian Wine & Spirits Conference and Competition –the Silk route: Revival of the ancient trade passage

The recently concluded 1st Asian Wine & Spirits Conference and Competition- the Silk route (10-12 October 2016) at Fangshan District, Beijing, China was attended by internationally renowned wine and spirits experts, judges and producers from around the world. While the conference covered an array of topics concerning the Asian region, the competition received entries from... Continue Reading →

Grape Waste To Paper

When the world is coming to terms with the dangerous implications of the environmental negligence by humans, any small or big step towards sustainability certainly brings a ray of hope. Thinking on the similar lines, Adrian Pinto, Senior Manager Wines, Pernod Ricard India came up with a unique concept to “Change the World One Sheet at... Continue Reading →

Hipcask Cocktail Festival is here!

  Hipcask, the wine & spirits consumer platform with an app and website has curated Mumbai's first ever cocktail festival. The fest is taking place from March 4-13 at selective outlets across the city. For the first time in Mumbai, Hipcask has brought together more than 30 bars to celebrate the fine art of cocktails... Continue Reading →

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