Viiking Ventures to Invest 1 Billion Rupees on vodka mix ​’​XXX​’​

Viiking Ventures, the owner of many businesses including the newly acquired beer brand from Goa ‘King’s’ is investing 1 billion rupees for marketing of vodka mix brand ‘XXX’ over the next three years. Sachiin Joshi, owner of Viiking Ventures has the ambition to become the market leader in Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic beverages sectors.

At present, the company has XXX Vodka mix, a ready to drink Vodka along with a XXX Energy drink in the market. Recently Viiking Ventures made headlines over the acquisition of King’s Beer (for INR 90 Cr.), now known as Goa King’s Beer.

Read my news piece on this here

XXXVM is a pre-mix vodka imported from Poland and bottled in India. The drink has 5% abv and available in three flavours Cranberry, Lemon and Rejuve. Starting this month, the company will be introducing around 9 to 10 flavours more of XXXVM in the market by September 2016.

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